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Transparent Graph Editor v0.2 - Maya tools

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"Transparent Graph Editor" is a tool that creates a copy of the Maya graph editor and enable it to become see trough (transparent) with a user selectable amount.

This feature helps you see both the character/objects in your viewport and your animation curves and keyframes, overlayed on top, so that you can take full advantage of the Viewport space while working on your animations .

To install, unzip into your local /scripts/ folder so it look like this :


To run the script, open up the script editor and run these two lines of code :

# ==============================

from transparentGE import transparentGE

# ==============================

If you prefer to have your graph editor opening into a Dockable maya window tab,

you can use the "True" flag . (To note that transparency does not work while the Tab is docked to the main maya window, and instead if the Tab is floating, every other window will gain transparency ability, this way you can link ChannelBox and Outliner to it and everything will obey the transparency slider.


License : Single User

Free or Donation .

Feel free to use this tool as a Student or Professional.


Current version :

April_12_2020 : v 0.2 

Added Channel box attributes selection Sync to Transparent Graph Editor.

April_8_2020 : v 0.1

Initial Version

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Transparent Graph Editor v0.2 - Maya tools

4 ratings
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